PREMIERE: X&G's Gaszia Unveils Intoxicating, Ethereal 'Slipping Away' Collab with Sooski, Alongside "Pre-Faze" EP via KUMO Collective

Gaszia has returned better than ever with his third impressive release on KUMO Collective in “Slipping Away,” an anthemic, beautifully-produced new bass single we’re proud to be premiering today on Run the Trap. The track arrives as the lead single alongside the talented artist’s brand new Pre-Faze EP, a collaborative project with rising vocalist Sooski. As you’ll hear below, everything about this track comes together seamlessly. From the intoxicating future bass leads to wobbling low end, “Slipping Away” is a complete, genre-bending record and a testament to Gaszia’s seasoned production skills. If that wasn’t enough, Sooski absolutely kills it on vocals here adding another layer of meaning and interest to an already dope single. Hear what we mean by streaming the tune via Spotify below and be sure to read what the artist himself has to say about the making of this record.

This song was a challenge for me to not add my usual ADHD production on it lol. I’ve been learning to let the vocals breathe and be the element that speaks to the listener. I think always challenging yourself in some way or another is a great way to grow as an artist. Both Mona San and Sooski helped form this piece and I was happy to sprinkle in some elements here and there, like spices on a dish. – Gaszia

Gaszia – Slipping Away (feat. Sooski) | Stream

PREMIERE: X&G’s Gaszia Unveils Intoxicating, Ethereal ‘Slipping Away’ Collab with Sooski, Alongside “Pre-Faze” EP via KUMO Collective