KOAN Sound Showcase Further Mastery In ‘Liquid Levity’

Anyone who has been in the scene for over decade knows the impact that KOAN Sound have had on shaping the direction of bass music. Throughout their prolific career, the duo have established themselves among the elite producers and innovators in the game, continuously looking for ways to outdo themselves and others. Since the release of their 2018 album Polychrome, KOAN Sound have released three incredible EPs, with each showcasing different facets of their signature sound that so many have come to love.

Now, the duo look forward towards their third full-length album titled Led by Ancient Light, due out this fall. About the collection, KOAN Sound state, “The primary inspiration behind ‘Led by Ancient Light’ was a desire to create more meaningful and purposeful music, as well as our longstanding ambition to write music driven by narrative. For this album, we wrote an entire fictional narrative before we began creating any of the music, instead conceptualizing the music based on the story’s overarching themes and the emotional tone of each moment in the plot.” Promising to deliver a fully immersive experience, the album will be complemented by a graphic novella, adding a tangible, visual dimension to their work.

In anticipation of all of this, the duo return with the second single from the project titled ‘Liquid Levity,’ following on the release of the epic first track, ‘Ascension.’ As the album promises to take listeners on a journey where narrative, organic instrumentation, and cinematic sound design converge, ‘Liquid Levity’ does exactly that. A spine-chilling medley of piano and cello introduce the track, before KOAN Sound infuse their quintessential rhythmic bass into the mix. ‘Liquid Levity’ is like a lo-fi hip hop beat on crack, as the duo focus on crafting mind-boggling sounds and hypnotizing melodies. Simply put, ‘Liquid Levity’ is infectious.

Don’t miss it below, and look out for more news from KOAN Sound soon.