PREMIERE: HMU Unleashes Futuristic Trap Heater ‘Acid Code’

The past year has seen HMU return to fine form. After taking some time off, the Don’t Die At Work Founder has been back in the lab and steadily unleashing a stream of heaters including ‘Stacks,’ ‘Swelter,’ and ‘Seismic.’ Add in a stellar FUXWITHIT Guest Mix and it’s clear that the producer is only getting better with time. Proving this once more comes one of his best works to date: ‘Acid Code.’

Ominous undertones fuel a dark dreamlike sequence that flashes flourishes of a futuristic cityscape. There’s an undeniable energy that flows from the ground through the air and into your being. A fluttering lead, lip pops, and a smattering of samples inject a playful almost stunning sense of wonder. This is contrasted against the darker and grittier tones for a perfect balancing act. Raw grime vocal samples, menacing 808s, gritty trap brass, and boisterous grunts collide for a menacing swagger. Marked by varying drops and auditory aesthetics ‘Acid Code’ is a gritty can’t miss heater from the talented producer.

‘Acid Code’ is an ode to technology – a soundtrack to the grimly beautiful idea of the future city. I initially developed the synth patch and riff which was metallic and buzzy, reminiscent of a live current traveling through a wire. Running with that, a Carmack-style 808 and contrasting, ghostly B section helped shape the atmosphere around that lead. I’m really happy with the dark melodic vibe. ‘Acid Code’ marks Dont Die At Work’s third release of the year and we’ve got lots more on the way.  – HMU

Stream HMU’s ‘Acid Code’ below. Out now via Don’t Die At Work.