PREMIERE: borny Adds Modern Flair To Classic Sound In ‘Charged’

It’s time for everyone to get familiar with borny. We’ve been following the Norway-based artist for almost three years now, and with every track he appears to level up his game. FUXWITHIT was born during the golden era of SoundCloud, where stars such as Mr. Carmack, UZ, and TroyBoi have flourished into household names, and our audience has grown with them. borny is bringing that same energy but with a modern flair, and any fan of the aforementioned legends should hop on the Norwegian trap train.

Today, we have the pleasure of premiering borny’s latest: a track titled ‘Charged’ that is sure to fuel your adrenaline. Speaking about ‘Charged,’ borny states, “I first started the track early March after a binge-listening session of all the early Mr. Carmack and Losco tracks on SoundCloud. I wanted to try something similar tempo-wise. I found a vocal sample that I edited, and pretty much looped it throughout the entire track with variations for every section. Drums, bass, and percussion were implemented after.”

borny wastes no time getting to the meat of the track. After a dozen seconds of brief introductory effects, the artist jumps right into the drop which features a looping sample, punchy percussion, and rugged bass. In the second half, borny adds more diversity to the drop, peppering in some added swagger in the form of swiping synths. The influence from the early days of SoundCloud is ever-present in ‘Charged,’ yet borny finds a way to keep it styling and fresh. Listen below and on your favorite platform. Don’t miss the free download too.