PM Lowe Is “Back At It” With A New Album Called Vengeance

PM Lowe is a powerful hip-hop artist and music producer, and there is no denying that his music has a special ring to it. Always real and true to himself, PM Lowe weaves tales of his own life, chiseling away the unnecessary and shaping his lyrics into sharp rhymes. Before the release of his album Vengeance, Lowe dropped “Back At It” song and music video, which has already garnered tens of thousands of views and tons of positive feedback from fans. Check it out below!

PM Lowe proclaims with ease that he’s kicking the door to the music industry wide open: “Can’t nobody take what’s yours. Every day is a new opportunity to make an impression. This is your moment so make the best of it, hold on to it and fight.” The stunning rapper and producer knows exactly what he’s doing, and the motivation behind everything he does is out in the open for everyone to see and get inspired by!