OTHERWRLD Conquer Galaxies And Life Beyond With Their ‘HORIZON 002’ Compilation

The birth of the OTHERWRLD movement shocked many throughout the underground. With its highly acclaimed artists, heavy-hitting tunes, and elegant guest mixes, there was no stopping this iconic name from fulfilling its highest desires and wishes. To shine a major spotlight on these underground legends in the making while giving the underground another safe haven for all. And now, the time has come once again for yet another set of incredible musicians to take the runway of power. Showing off their true selves and techniques with individual works of mass destruction. So prepare yourselves because HORIZON 002 is here and it won’t be taking any prisoners.

If you’re a fan of hard-hitting electronic music as a whole, you’re going to love what this compilation has to offer. Veterans such as BAARIC, BADLIKE, Xerxes, and more have returned to create absolute craters in planets with their weapons of pure raw energy. But we also have some brand new incomers such as CORTR, Cerdin, and even Bafu who have also developed special treats just for this beautiful compilation. Each track highlights a brand new side to these artists while paying homage to what makes the OTHERWRLD brand so special. Hard-hitting sound design, top-notch arrangements, and melodies to cleanse your mindsets. These are only a couple of qualities that make this second compilation remarkable to the ear. Easily breaking the replay button to forever listen to these cinematic masterpieces. So make sure to show your support by streaming HORIZON 002 everywhere via OTHERWRLD! We’re truly proud of everyone and are excited to hear what’s next!