Monstercat And Westwood Recordings Join Forces With The ‘Compound 2021’ Compilation

Traveling back to 2017, Monstercat took a huge chance and hosted their first-ever block party called Monstercat Compound. Showcasing some of the most unique talents within the heart of Vancouver. A major step for not only the label itself but also their artists. Being such a huge success, they’ve continued to host it throughout the years. Spreading nothing but positivity and good music overall. But sadly, with the world being in complete disarray last year, they had to take a break to ensure the utmost safety for everyone. Now, with the help of Westwood Recordings, they’ve brought their everlasting event back to Canada once again this year for their fourth installment!

To celebrate their return to the big stage, Monstercat has introduced their first-ever label collaboration which honors the whole event and its major achievements. They call it, Compound 2021. And with Westwood Recordings helping to curate this beautiful lineup, it’s hard to not be totally stoked for what lies within! Artists such as The Funk Hunters, So Sus, Akylla and more have all participated to add to this wonderful movement and vision. All creating individual works of art to add to this incredible achievement. An eight-track body of work, honoring brand new up and comers as well as the veterans. Whatever style you’re into within electronic music, there’s something for everyone!

Monstercat Compound has always been such a special event for me, as it allows us to showcase what the organization is all about in my hometown of Vancouver. The Compilation was created to celebrate the incredible talent that Canada has to offer with our global community. I am thrilled to be collaborating with Westwood Recordings on this project, as the impact that they have made on the West Coast electronic music community was a real inspiration for me when I first started working in the industry. – Orri Sachar, Director of Music, Monstercat

The Compound 2021 compilation is a gorgeous new installation that commemorates the service both Monstercat and Westwood Recordings have brought to the industry. From groovy house music, aggressive dubstep, and even some gnarly trap, you’ll have nothing but a healthy and overwhelming smile from each piece. All adding their special flair to spice up this incredible dish of sound and rhythm. Resulting in one of the most memorable compilations of 2021. Each track flows into the next naturally. All the artists and team members should be truly proud of themselves. We’re stoked to hear what’s next for everyone. So make sure to go support these icons by streaming the Compound 2021 compilation everywhere!