Medasin Returns To Reddit For New AMA Session

Earlier this week Medasin made his return to Reddit for another AMA session – in what was probably a fantastic distraction from many’s forced quarantines. Like his AMA sessions in the past, Medasin is open to answering almost every questions.He answered everything from questions regarding production advice to questions about his new album, Rippls, and even some more existential questions. You can check out some of our favorite question and answers below.

As always a huge thank you to everyone with such great questions, Medasin, and /r/Electronicmusic for hosting.

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Current Favorite Artists?

Can We Expect More Medasin Flips in The Future?

What Was The Process for Writing “Home“?

Will We See The Return of Heavy Productions from Medasin?

How Did Medasin Get Into Production And An Honest Answer About Advice.

How Did Medasin Transition From Bangers to Personal & Expressive Music?


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Medasin Returns To Reddit For New AMA Session