Make Room For The Next Female Rap Star – Priceless Scott – “Drag On”

Ladies and gentlemen, make room for the next stellar female rap artist – 16 Digital’s own Priceless Scott. She disrupted the scene with her ear candy track “Drag On,” off her newly released EP Pressure makes Diamonds. Her unapologetic nature and presence add up to a mindblowing result on both the music video and the track. 

With an aura filled with supernatural energy, she appears with an explosive look, with smoke and fire surrounding her body. Her debuts in the rap game instantly captivated audiences and she quickly became Central Florida’s own fast-rising star.

Her intuitive rap is intense, bold, and raw. She acknowledges the greats from the 90s – Biggie, Tupac, Mary J. Blinge. 

Undoubtedly, the artist has a lot of room for improvement since she aims to be one of the greats. Her latest release, “Drag On,” is a testimony of her fearless nature and explosive moods. She raps best about real-life situations while beautifully offering a mixture of R&B and hip-hop, bringing the best from both worlds into her unique urban style. 

For now, enjoy her latest banger, “Drag On,” and let’s wait and see where Priceless Scott will take us next.

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