Machinedrum And KUČKA Shatter Dimensions Of Woe With ‘VIOLET’

Machinedrum‘s majestic power of production has always brought his stories to life. Experiencing his inner imagination in the fullest through whimsical techniques, organic vision, and gorgeous attention to detail. Representing different emotions and times within each piece. Constructing a timeless garden of sound. A discogaphy worth going through from start to finish. And now, he’s gifted us yet again with an absolute flower of peace. Picked from a glistening garden to fill your heart and soul. Together with the iconic, KUČKA, ‘VIOLET’ showcases why these two make such a stunning team of creatives, and why they’re some of the best in the game.

Taken from his upcoming EP, 4#TRAX, this song sets the tone completely and really represents how adaptable his style can be. The soft yet powerful melodic structure combined with KUČKA’s stellar vocals really makes your hearts flutter and sing with glee and joy. The sad yet empowering feeling throughout gives you a sense of comfort and inspiration. Adding that gentle guitar to the overall equation creates such a smooth layer of bliss and harmony. Taking your breath away. Everything about this work of art is poetic and does both of their unique styles justice when combined.

From the arrangement, pacing, and storytelling, it’s by far one of their best works to date. Anything KUČKA touches turns into a set of diamonds. Bravo to them both. We’re stoked to hear the rest of the EP! So make sure to show your support by streaming ‘VIOLET’ everywhere via Ninja Tune! If you’re in Brooklyn this Saturday, go catch Machinedrum in action via the HEADS KNOW event at SILO! You won’t want to miss this legendary experience. Tickets on sale here!