LYNY’s New EP ‘The Familiar’ Is Anything But

Over the past few years, LYNY has risen to become a dominant force in the electronic music sphere. First making waves with a slew of trap bangers, he’s more recently been shifting his sound into darker and wonkier territories as seen on ‘Dash,’ ‘Face,’ and the breakout banger ‘Noxious.’  Proving his range is ever expanding comes a brand new three-track EP entitled The Familiar. The new offering sees LYNY exploring a more laidback melodic sound that still manages to impress.

‘Cat Tale’ kicks things off with a smooth upbeat appeal that feels like an afternoon stroll in an idyllic video game world. There’s a calm reflective energy but it still carries a sense of optimism. The scene shifts on ‘Attach’ as things get darker and more emotive. The downtempo cut delivers a forlorn sense of longing for something that may never be. Rounding out the sonic trek is ‘Home,’ which sits perfectly between the previous cuts in terms of energy and emotion. It’s laidback and easygoing with flourishes of warm energy and darker thoughts. Despite the varying disposition, it finds a steady sense of familiarity that pulls you in for more.

The Familiar pushes the boundaries of LYNY’s sound, showcasing new facets of his sonic offering while still delivering the caliber of quality we’ve come to expect from one of our favorite producers.

Stream The Familiar below and everywhere via Of The Trees’ Memory Palace label.