L*o*J Turn The World Upside Down With ‘Future Slam’

Shooting towards the cosmos, L*o*J are back for another round of pure filth. Their newest single, ‘Future Slam’ brings the artists’ vision into a whole new spectrum. Filled with jaw dropping bass leads, knocking drums and more, they’ve truly outdone themselves on this banger. Previewed in the FUXWITHIT Beat Lab Radio Mix earlier this year, fans have been eager to hear this beauty again in full bloom. And the fact they’ve released it finally is a real treat. These musicians have been working long and hard to fulfill their dreams and satisfy listeners with crisp production and dedication. Now, they’re taking it even further with this instant festival anthem.

‘Future Slam’ is a ball of enticing fire. Executing any negative energy that stands in its way. Bringing nothing but raw and powerful energy. Completely taking over your aura with exciting and intoxicating qualities. From a cinematic introduction, to an explosion of madness within each chorus, you’ll be simply shocked by the evolution within their art. An instant charge to start your day off right. And hearing their signature sound design throughout the piece is simply inspiring to many. It makes you want to work even harder to seize the day. Every section flows naturally with whisks of pure rhythm and wavy flows. There’s no doubt in our minds you’ll be hearing this at future shows and festivals. Creating a wide frenzy throughout the crowd. So make sure to go support these legends by streaming and downloading ‘Future Slam.’