juuku Demonstrates An Ancient Ritual Of Flora With ‘still’

juuku’s atmosphere and environment through sound continues to impress and amaze many. His craft has shaped his artistry into a timeless journey.  His songs are priceless artifacts within a museum of endless knowledge and inspiration. Containing every emotion you can feel. And with his newest single, ‘still,’ he’s releasing a crisp and wondrous tornado of flora into your hearts. Captivating your soul on another level while making your body move from this intoxicating rhythmic structure. Instantly making this another classic for his discography of pure poetic justice. The perfect tune to represent a gorgeous and peaceful day. Making anyone feel at home.

From the light and impactful melodies to his drums taking flight with ease and might, this is a beautiful and everlasting experience. The way he captivates the listener from the first second to the last is pure mastery at work. If you listen closely, you’ll notice the incredible detail in each section. Completely melting your mind in the best way while making you feel truly safe. Its bubbly and charismatic nature takes center stage in the form of blissful instrumentation, angelic vocal chops, and more. Tied together in a neat and colorful bow, making you dance to its cute and gorgeous groove swirling throughout. This song will give you the wings to help you soar through the clouds to another world. Putting this piece on constant repeat for a long time. So make sure to show your support by streaming ‘still’ everywhere via Dim Mak! We’re stoked to hear more from him in the future!