LISTEN: StayLoose Reinvents Future Bass in Must-Hear "Return To Form" EP via Dim Mak

StayLoose had us on the edge of our seats after teasing his return to future bass in his recent single, ‘Long Way Down.’ Now, the multifaceted producer has finally delivered on Return To Form, a stunning four-track EP out now via Dim Mak. As you’ll hear below, the talented artist takes us on an uplifting and captivating journey through a reinvented, yet familiar StayLoose sound. It’s the future bass we’ve all come to love over the years, but with a modern and irresistible modern twist – hear what we mean by listening to the project via Spotify and be sure to read what StayLoose has to say about the inspiration behind this EP as well.

StayLoose – Return To Form | Stream

After taking several years off the future bass scene I felt the itch to create again in the genre that defined this project early on. I wanted to take that 2015 peak future bass sound and apply a more modern approach to it while still keeping it true to its roots. I started many ideas and leaned it all down to 4 tracks which I felt best bridged the gap between where I was then and where I am now. “Return To Form” was the result of that process. I also enlisted the help of one of my favorite up and coming producers, Mona San, on the track Ethereal. Mona is a true staple in pushing the sound forward and I’m excited to have him as a part of the release.”

LISTEN: StayLoose Reinvents Future Bass in Must-Hear “Return To Form” EP via Dim Mak