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The Israeli duo RIOT, now based in Los Angeles, California, is internationally renowned for their power-packed performances at music festivals and for their unconventional approach, producing music that is a mix of atypical genres in their progressive attempt to move above and beyond music’s conventional stylistic boundaries. Fans are excited for ‘Buck Shots,’ as the pair has promised enthusiasm, spine-tingling basslines, and adrenaline stimulation with their new anniversary special release. The RIOT treat will look back on the duo’s path, reminding fans of their signature bass music.

”Buck shots was a journey from start to finish! An extension of our quest to explore new, innovative sounds. We continued to incorporate hip-hop-inspired elements with bass music while creating a piece of art that takes you on a musical journey. We’ve been eager to try the fusion of hard-hitting bass music with hip-hop and orchestral music for a long time. Easily one of our favorite tunes we wrote recently and we’re super excited for it to be our debut single with Deadbeats!” – RIOT

Listen here:

LISTEN: RIOT Seek Fire With New Single “Buck Shots”