LISTEN: Fei-Fei Reveals New Single ”HUMAN MACHINE” – Run The Trap: The Best EDM, Hip Hop & Trap Music

In June, Fei-Fei reignited her project with the release of ”MY BODY IS GOD ON ACID,” a sensual femme acid techno tune guaranteed to set dance floors ablaze. Now, the label boss unveils new tune ”HUMAN MACHINE.”

Bring back her signature cyber soundscapes and thumping basslines, Fei-Fei’s latest sonic venture is inspired by the late scientist James Lovelock and his nonfiction book Novacene. With a reverberating vocal line in tow, Fei-Fei warps cerebrums with a slew of distorted synth waves, knocking basslines, and soundscapes plucked straight from a futuristic otherworld.

A punchy, semi-dark record for the ages, Fei-Fei’s latest release witnesses the femme heavyweight take an elusive deep dive into her hallucinatory sound design and layering. From start to finish, “HUMAN MACHINE” encompasses Fei-Fei’s incomparable talent and skill into one spellbound cut that’s bound to drive any dance floor, anywhere.

LISTEN: Fei-Fei Reveals New Single ”HUMAN MACHINE”