Lab Group, Player Dave & JAWNZA Snap on New Single ‘HD’

“Momma said I got this shit,” JAWNZA boldly proclaims with the opening line to his new single with Lab Group and Player Dave. Listeners will be inclined to agree as every bar of ‘HD‘ effortlessly floats over the thumping kick drum and ethereal chords ringing underneath from start to finish.

The cohesiveness with which ‘HD’ melds the rapper’s voice with the telltale production of Supertask, Potions, and Player Dave might leave you with the impression that JAWNZA has been with the group since day one. Fans may correctly attribute his familiar voice to his previous collaboration with Player Dave, ‘Wakanda.’ Unlike ‘Wakanda,’ however, his cadence on ‘HD’ hardly skips a beat, turning the track into a rich, substance-filled poem. Confidence exudes with every verse. “One of the greatest, hard to beat, sick as fuck,” JAWNZA declares with zero hesitation.

The rapper takes a more introspective digression from the laid-back, witty lyricism at times. In one verse he credits his lover with the line, “Coulda had shawty but she was too treach, I got a wife and I like how she treat me.” Later on, he calls out a harmful lack of diligence in choosing one’s friends with, “Really gotta watch who y’all call y’all company, big bad wolf sittin’ on yo’ futon.” JAWNZA describes himself as exceptional in a number of ways on ‘HD’ and unquestionably has the talent to back it up.

For a time, the future of Lab Group was called into question by fans after the passing of founding member CharlestheFirst. With the release of ‘HD’ and the much-anticipated Lab Group II in the works behind the scenes, it’s clear that fans have a lot to look forward to. Supertask, Potions, and Player Dave have done an incredible job upholding the legacy of their late friend since the release of Lab Group I first made waves in 2021. A blessing to music-lovers everywhere, Lab Group is here to stay. Give ‘HD’ a well-deserved listen below.