Kumarion & Smoakland Team Up In Enthralling ‘High Rollers’ EP

Despite making a name for himself outside of the drum and bass world, Kumarion has quickly evolved into a drum and bass heavy-hitter while continuing to make waves across various realms of the electronic music scene. In parallel, Smoakland have championed a distinct sound that harnesses the energy of old school dubstep, while simultaneously harvesting a drum and bass facet with their Liquid Smoak side project.

Following a joint tour that kicked off in late March, Kumarion and Smoakland now join forces on the three-track High Rollers EP, released via the coveted Deadbeats. A powerful, adrenaline-fueled release that’s guaranteed to captivate dance music fans, High Rollers features three sonically different tracks that encompass a range of styles and that come together nicely into one cohesive project. ‘Worth All The Wait’ featuring jELACEE is a smooth liquid jam that uses soothing vocals to complement the light-hearted nature of the track. Kumarion and Smoakland venture into jungle territory with the project’s titled track, ‘High Rollers,’ peppering the project with more energy than its opener and further showcasing their technical skills. Finally, ‘Fluxuations’ lends a halftime hand to the lively project, as the artists slow down the tempo but not the intensity.

Don’t miss the High Rollers EP below.