Knick, aedfx And Keeth. Befriend A ‘ghost’ Of Great Wisdom

Future beats have always been a huge part of the underground and music in general. Shaping many pioneers and new artists to their fullest potential. And Knick, aedfx and Keeth. are some highly notable ones. With their newest single, ‘ghost,’ they’ve yet again proven to be some of the most unique in the game. Bouncing ideas and honoring every bit of their strengths, their dynamic powers work together in harmony. They each have their own flavor of production taste. And you can clearly hear each contribution to the vision with each play. A highly addictive remedy of sound.

‘ghost’ has everything you love within the trap genre. Impactful 808’s, whimsical arrangement and heavy drums. You name it! Incorporating so many elements and ear candy within the time limit is highly impressive. Each section is different yet familiar. One after another, you’ll be going back to hear each section again to see if you missed something. The first drop they throw upon us has a video game feel. It’s as if you were transported into your favorite old-school video game. You’ll be enjoying the nostalgia, when all of a sudden, they open it back up with enormous amounts of character and life. Building up the anticipation higher than ever before. Resulting in traveling to the second drop. What separates this one is the sheer amount of spice and attitude they all gave out through energetic melody. Spreading nothing but lush filled goodness to the ears and heart. Ending with a breathtaking piano to calm the storm back down to its original form. Shedding sprinkles of gold from above to heal the troubles.

Make sure to go support these talented musicians by streaming ‘ghost’ on SoundCloud.