Ivy Lab Returns to Drum and Bass with ‘Idols Fall / Snap 101’

2023 has blessed listeners with a plethora of new Ivy Lab singles and EPs. From the abstract, bass-heavy single ‘Profit’ to the symphonic, breakbeat-inspired Demon Dust EP, the UK duo have taken their pan-genre experimentation to new heights since the release of their critically acclaimed album Infinite Falling Ground last year. Idols Fall / Snap 101 now enters their discography as an overdue return to Ivy Lab’s drum and bass roots.

Despite managing their own label, Twenty Twenty Global, Ivy Lab have recently been releasing via other outlets due to the “club-oriented” nature of these new tracks. Demon Dust was released on Future Classic and the trend continues with Idols Fall / Snap 101 dropping on Critical Music, notably one of the great bastions of drum and bass music today. Taking a break from the derivations of instrumental hip-hop and American influences that the duo has become known for lately, Idols Fall / Snap 101 is uniquely European in its origins. Drawing from the emotional and technically sophisticated releases from labels like Metalheadz along with the resurgence of classic European club music, this two-track 170 bpm tour de force is meant to get you on your feet.

‘Idols Fall’ sounds like a track straight out of Ivy Lab’s early catalog, back when the duo was a trio (with Halogenix filling the third slot of the roster). The faint echo of Seyaa’s voice in the intro gives way to the most beautifully-mastered percussion one could ask for on a liquid drum and bass track, adorned with impeccably clean snares and grungy basslines. The instrumentation is redolent of other masters of the genre like Netsky, Logistics, and Nu:Tone. The transition into ‘Snap 101’ is a seamless one. The second track is pensive yet uplifting, orchestral yet dance-inspiring. Equally appropriate both in the club or in your headphones, ‘Snap 101’ is a testament to the way Ivy Lab is able to effortlessly evoke a broad range of emotions with a single song. Context indeed plays an integral part of the experience of this EP.

Idols Fall / Snap 101 is quintessential Ivy Lab, and is simply a must-listen for drum and bass fans. Stream the release below and be sure to check out the visual accompaniment for ‘Idols Fall’ on YouTube here. Here’s to hoping the drum and bass train keeps rolling into 2024.