Introducing Phasing Issues: A Podcast Exploring The Art And Science Of Music Production

It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of Phasing Issues, a brand-new podcast that explores the art and science of music production. The new series is a collaborative effort between two minds sitting at opposite ends of the musical universe. Alessandro Garbellini aka msft is a talented producer and producing coach who has been a mainstay on FUXWITHIT for years and a favorite amongst the electronic scene. On the other side is Alessio Anesi, a former podcaster and music journalist (who happens to be a core member of the FUXWITHIT team). Combining their widely different (yet complementary) industry expertise, the duo came up with a concept to celebrate music production in an unfiltered and unpretentious way.

Phasing issues happen when you have two sound waves that are moving in the opposite direction, at the same rate, at the same time.

With the title drawing its name from a technical challenge experienced by producers, it should come as no surprise that this is a podcast created and hosted by an artist, in collaboration with artists, for artists (and hardcore music nerds). Season one is hosted by msft and sees him connecting with an impressive list of creators that include Slumberjack, Rohaan, Rome In Silver, sumthin sumthin, Eastghost, Bossfight, and Aleph.

Each installment leans on the specific guest’s expertise for a diverse and informative experience, filled with new tips, insights, production hacks, anecdotes, and recommendations. The 30-minute episodes take a conversational style that allows even the most technical discussions to feel digestible.

FUXWITHIT is extremely excited to join season one as a sponsor to help extend the reach of the incredible project. The first episode features the iconic Australian production duo Slumberjack and can be streamed below! Look out for new episodes weekly (with one or two short intermissions).

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