Ian Munro Floats Through The Waves Of Rebirth With ‘Solipsism’

The time has come upon us. Ian Munro returns with a brand new body of work that speaks to your inner mindset. A project so powerful, you’ll question whether or not it’s real, thanks to his impressive and intricate creativity. He calls it the Solipsism EP. For many months, Ian has been showcasing his new vision through past mixes and more. Opening the world to his true and brand new potential through rhythm and sound. His journey of evolution has impacted the hearts of many. Making any listener instantly fall in love with his touch of gold he imprints on every release. And with this newest creation, he’s skyrocketing into more new territories for himself and his audience. He’s even recruited some incredible singer/songwriters such as Dabl and Bijou Violet to increase the atmospheres into overdrive.

The Solipsism EP is a flower bed of rebirth. Feeling every bit of emotion and thought through his production, Ian has conducted some highly intelligent works like never before. Every track honors the similar space it’s been put into but differs from each other quite organically. Right from the first track to the last, it’s art we can’t put into words to fully honor its presence and after effect. You can tell Ian put everything he’s ever learned over the years into one solid and gorgeous project. The glitchy and bubbly sound design completely takes over you like waves of water crashing down. Creating new life and characteristics. Not to mention how his own voice can instantly cure your dull and dreary days. Also honoring Dabl and Bijou Violet’s vocals so majestically was a heartwarming bow to their power within the spectrum. Their soft yet impactful tones completely added a brand new tone and layer to his craft. It’s a group of gems you’ll forever cherish for years to come.

Ian has worked long and hard to give us this magnificent EP. It still feels surreal after every listen. Making the memorable feeling stick with you no matter what. We’re excited to see where Ian’s journey goes from here. So make sure to go show your utmost support by streaming his Solipsism EP everywhere!