Guest Mix + Interview – Strobez

Exciting and exhilarating are only a couple of ways to describe the power behind the Strobez vision. This artist’s strive and perseverance have continued to shock and impress listeners from all over. Creating an array of hype and eagerness around every move he makes in his journey. Tapping into multiple genres within the electronic spectrum and making a highly acclaimed name for himself in the underground. Whether you’ve listened through his varied discography or witnessed one of his mind-blowing performances, you’ll feel the same amount of satisfaction and freeness. From intense and colorful sound design to atmospheres completely created from another world, Strobez has done nothing but bring a breath of fresh air to the industry.

His poetic and adventurous creations will truly make your souls leave your body in the best ways possible. And it’s with our great honor and pleasure to welcome him with his very own guest mix and interview! So buckle up, because this one’s going to be a wild ride!

First off, thank you for taking the time and joining us! How’re you doing? 

I’m doing great! I just came back from San Diego playing for the NOEXPECTATIONS crew with Tisoki and Control Freak. In general, I’ve been in a great creative headspace recently and really excited for this year, feels like anything can happen.

What can listeners expect going into this powerful mix?

Some upcoming records I’m working on, my favorite works from friends, and a few edits of all-time favorite records that have inspired me. This mix is a little bit of everything with some cool surprises thrown in as well 🙂

When I found electronic music, it felt like a place where I could really make my own world, so it stuck. 

Your artistic integrity and vision have shocked the underground and continues to push to brand new heights. Where did the Strobez project come from? What are its origins?

I’ve been making music in some form or another since I was 12. My fifth grade teacher was the mother of an artist who goes by Mad Zach. She’d play some of his finger drumming and beat-making videos in class during spare time or on rainy days, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I came across Skrillex right after, and his music opened up a world of sounds and energy I’d never heard before. It all clicked and I was like, “I gotta try this.”

I was also the type of kid who was always making something, always trying to replicate whatever I enjoyed the most at the time. I’d write stories, make homemade movies with my friends, build rocket ships out of cardboard boxes. When I found electronic music, it felt like a place where I could really make my own world, so it stuck. My tastes and inspirations have changed since then, but I’ve slowly been figuring out what Strobez means and sounds like.

Do you remember the first moment you just knew you wanted to pursue this crazy dream full-time on a serious level?  

There wasn’t a single moment where I felt like I was all in, making music was kind of always by my side as I was growing up. But the little wins, like playing my first show, getting my first few thousand plays, and eventually meeting some of my best friends through music all collectively convinced me that music is really where I belong.

Your debut EP, Restless adds such color and exceeds all expectations, bringing a new life to your project. How was the process of creating it as a whole? Were there any major obstacles you had to overcome?

It was a long process, but the most rewarding project I’ve done. I’ve always been excited by narrative-driven projects, and I really wanted to try my hand at that. It came together very naturally over the course of about 2 years and it feels closest to the core of what Strobez sounds and looks like. It was also a ton of fun working with my friends to bring the whole thing to life. A good friend of mine from high school contributed the vocals, we actually recorded some of them after class in the back of our school library. Halfway through the process of writing the music I met my now manager, photo/videographer and one of my closest friends, John Slack (@slvcker on socials). In addition to managing a couple of artists at FourFour Entertainment, he’s an incredibly talented full-time photographer and videographer. He really helped me bring the whole project to life, driving around with me and my friends in the middle of the night to shoot all the content. Those are some memories I’ll cherish forever.

You recently performed one of your biggest shows at a sold-out warehouse! How was that experience? What did you learn from that night? 

It was so much fun. I tested out some brand new music I’d never played out before and seeing the reactions was so amazing. Also really cool to see underground culture still going strong in San Francisco.

I’m really fortunate to have worked on projects for some of the most cutting-edge acts like Nitepunk, Habstrakt and ISOxo.

Beyond the music spectrum, are there any other activities or hobbies you love to do or want to do in the future? 

I do freelance graphic design and 3D animation when I’m not in school or working on music. I’m really fortunate to have worked on projects for some of the most cutting-edge acts like Nitepunk, Habstrakt and ISOxo. I’m a very visual person in general when it comes to creativity, I think that translates to my music as well. I always have an image in mind while working on my tracks.

What are the main qualities or characteristics that make up a Strobez tune? 

That’s hard to say, I feel like I have a hard time sticking to a consistent sound. I’d say a lot of my work has a dream-like and ethereal quality to it, and I want every song to transport you to a little world while you’re listening. Each song is a different place for me, but I put a lot of work into crafting a unique space with a lot of detail and texture that I hope the listener can get lost in. I also try to balance all that with a bit of attitude and playfulness, so hopefully that translates as well.

It’s a challenge for me to balance the introspective stuff with the heavier stuff, but when it works out, it results in the music that I’m most proud of.

Do you have any secret or really useful tips you always rely on when creating your works?

I think my best musical ideas come directly from memories. It’s a challenge for me to balance the introspective stuff with the heavier stuff, but when it works out, it results in the music that I’m most proud of. I also think it’s important to look beyond dance records and get inspired elsewhere. There’s a lot that I find in films, photography, design, and fashion that gives me ideas to bring into dance music.

Top 3 locations you’d love to perform at? It could be anywhere in the world. 

My dream venue is Printworks, London. It’s a really cool space, love the architecture. The Warehouse Project in Manchester is a dream to perform at as well. And of course, Red Rocks Amphitheater is on the list for sure.

Any exciting news coming for the rest of this year for you? 

There’s not too much I can say right now, but you can definitely expect a lot of new music!

Who are some major heavy hitters you’ve been listening to recently that listeners need to know about? 

This is a really cool time for electronic music, a lot of new faces are bringing fresh stuff to the table right now. There are so many dope projects I’m excited about, but just to list a few, Shadient, Control Freak, Viperactive, and WINK have been killing it. Silcrow, Badlike, CURE97 and Oddly Godly are some new kids I’ve been stoked on recently.

Where can you see this journey going in a few years from now? 

I’m grateful to have anyone at all listening to my music so I try not to have any expectations. Just hoping to be able to keep doing what I’ve been doing and get to work with more talented musicians and visual artists. My big goal is a completely synced up audio/visual show, hopefully there’s an opportunity to make something like that down the road.

Thank you again for taking the time for this interview! Any last words for our viewers out there?

Thanks for having me, appreciate the opportunity to share some words about what I’ve been working on. Thanks as well to everyone reading and listening, the support means everything to me!

Strobez FUXWITHIT Guest Mix Tracklist

The Prodigy – No Good (Start The Dance)
Skrillex, Aluna, Kito – Inhale Exhale (Strobez Flip)
Nitepunk – Slices (Silcrow Remix)
Swedish House Mafia – It Gets Better (Control Freak Remix)
Strobez – Drama
Acyan – ID
Strobez & Phantomhouse – ID
Oddly Godly – NO FRNDZ (Strobez Edit)
Shadient & nikko – ID (+ Tyler, the Creator – EARFQUAKE)
Overmono – Blow Out (Strobez Flip)
Control Freak – FEVERDREAM
nikko – ID (+ Leotrix – Good)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (Strobez Flip)
solomax – Really Bout It (+ Baby Keem – Trademark USA)
Tessela – Hackney Parrot (Strobez Flip)
Charli XCX – 1999 (Strobez Flip)
Strobez – You Won’t
Viperactive – Angel’s Crest (+ pinkpantheress – Another Life ft. Rema)
Strobez & Viperactive – ID (+ Gunna – fukumean)
RemK – Surface Wave
Strobez & Viperactive – ID (Tisoki Edit)
Strobez – ID
Strobez – ID (+ Rihanna – Diamonds)
Strobez – Face It and Run To It (+ FLUME – Voices ft. SOPHIE & Kučka)