Guest Mix + Interview – ravevik

Blurring the boundaries between trap, future beats, and bounce, ravevik has been steadily leveling up. The producer first landed on our site last year with the KxNFLEX collaboration ‘Bliss.’ With standout releases on The Music Blender and Partica Artist Group, plus some stellar self-releases (see ’40 Ounce’ and ‘Soulfood’) it’s clear that the producer is making moves. To get to know ravevik a bit better and get a sample of the heat he’s currently sitting on, we connected with the artist for our latest Guest Mix + Interview. The mix is jam-packed with unreleased heat from ravevik, Gurf, Buzz Junior, Manada, wasteurself, and more. Plus heaters from the FUXWITHIT favourites like dilip & L*o*J, DJ YUNG VAMP,  alex martian, Losco. and more. The interview explores the Indian music scene, his love for collaborations, his background in Sound Engineering, using Fiver as additional source of income, and more. Dive in below.

First and foremost tell us about the mix. What can we expect when we press play? What’s the vibe?

This mix is gonna make you Sweat and Groove. It’s a blend of bounce, trap, and phonk, including some collab ids, unreleased music from my fellow producer mates, and some of my favorite music that is already out there.

Are you born and raised in India? If so what’s it been like growing up there? What impact has it had on your music?

Yep! Born and raised in India. Huge country with great places, beaches, different religions and cultures, so much freedom, tons of languages, loving people, etc. Ethnic and folk music elements are a recurring feature in my music.

It seems like trap receives a lot of love in India. Is that an accurate assessment? How would you describe the music scene where you are?

Certain parts of India have their own trap scene. The irony is that, even though I make trap music, I live in a remote location with practically zero music scenes.

When did you first fall in love with music?

Back in 2012, when I first started listening to Skrillex, and other artists, I fell in love with electronic music. Few years later, I was hurtling down the path of music production.

You’ve been dropping a ton of fire collaborations, what is it about collaborations that excite you right now?

Thank you so much!! The thing to cherish about collabs is the outcome. It will always be different than what you want it to be. Being able to create something and having fellow producers build on top of it is not only an enjoyable process, but also less work. S/o KxNFLEX

You have a B.Sc. in Sound Engineering. What were the highlights of your studies? Does it influence the way you create music?

Having comprehensive knowledge in the audio field, be it Hardware, Acoustics, or being able to learn all the major DAWs, etc. has helped me find my ground early. Meeting new people with different tastes in music and different approaches in making music, has definitely helped me grow and iterate my process.

You’ve had the opportunity to release with platforms like Partica Artist Group and The Music Blender, what’s the experience been like?

First of all, I would like to thank Partica Artist Group (Patricia) and The Music Blender for showing trust and helping my music reach a wider audience. Working with these labels this past year has been great. I got to meet a lot of great artists and it’s such a warm and comfortable space.

Outside of your artist project, you’re also active on Fiverr. How has that been treating you? Is it a legit revenue stream for artists?

I started taking fiverr seriously about a year ago, and the grind has shown its fruits. It is a legit revenue stream but one needs to be patient. (P.S. I hate their 20% commission thing)

What’s one thing you wish more people knew about you?

I am an avid motorsports fan, and I am saving up to buy my dream machine.

What do you have lined up for the rest of the year?

All I can say is it’s gonna be a blast (It’s lit). I have a lot of tracks and collabs coming up in multiple genres.

Any final thoughts?

I am deeply humbled by everyone’s support and interest in my music. S/o to FUXWITHIT for giving me this opportunity. Lastly, enjoy the mix and have fun.


Buzz Junior & Manada – ID
rare logic – green hat
Buzz Junior – ID
Buzz Junior & Gurf – ID
ravevik & KxNFLEX – Bliss
ravevik & KxNFLEX – Sway (ft. SUBZRO)
ravevik, KxNFLEX, Vilde But Sober – ID
ravevik, KxNFLEX, Kepz, Wadz – Fundamentals
Gurf – ID
alex martian – trust
ravevik & KxNFLEX – Trip
wasteurself & Buzz Junior – ID
dilip & L*o*J – levels
ravevik & KUSHTOM – ID
koru – BEAM
ravevik & KxNFLEX – Project X
ravevik & KxNFLEX – Phases
ravevik & Kriday – ID
ravevik, Kriday, KUSHTOM – ID
ravevik & KxNFLEX – ID
ravevik, KxNFLEX, NIGHTMAREBeats – Trifecta
ravevik & vedik – Soulfood
ravevik – ID
M4R & gon – Spectre
ravevik & Myrmax – ID
ravevik, KxNFLEX, Kriday, Myrmax – ID
Vilde But Sober – ID
Losco. – Lazyclub
lophiile2 – Common Sense (Instrumental)
ravevik – colorless