Guest Mix + Interview – MZG

MZG is the superstar twin duo with bounce. Look no further than these two when the situation calls for booty-shakin’ beats. Innovative flips, summertime bops, and party anthems galore are dotted throughout their discography. Whether you’re looking to roll around town with the car windows down and the volume up Ice Cube-style, or you’re looking for a seductive drum line to nod your head to, they’ve got you covered.

MZG’s incredible chemistry both on- and off-stage is like “relationship goals” but for producers. Their passion for music shines bright like a diamond with every release. As the old saying goes: “two heads are better than one.” These brothers are a testament to the kind of brilliance that can only result from collaborative effort over a shared delight for music. We’re honored to have the chance to welcome them to FUXWITHIT for an interview and guest mix, so let’s get into it!

What can listeners expect to hear (or feel) from this mix?

A good amount of our 2023 releases and few ID’s!

Can you give us some backstory into the meaning of “MZG” and why you chose that as your producer name?

MZG is shorthand for monozygotic which means two cells derived from a single ovum and thus identical. We chose this moniker to express our unified front in the project and how we are one and move as one.

We are one and move as one

As twin brothers, do you guys find that your musical tastes mostly overlap, or do you each have your own distinct tastes?

Shockingly enough we have very identical taste in music!

There’s a lot of genre variety throughout your track releases and mixes. If you each had to pick a favorite genre, what would they be? How about a favorite track you’ve produced?

We dabble in the trap realm and try to keep things fun and bouncy for our listeners. As of recently, we’ve really been feeling the minimal tech and tech house genres and are pursuing a fun new project we’re calling ‘Duplex’ where we DJ and produce house music! Our favorite releases this year are ‘Bownce’ and ‘Bring that Back.’

Are either of you classically-trained musicians, or are you entirely self-taught?

We are self-taught for the most part but Charles plays piano and Zach plays classical guitar. We both strive for jazz sounds when we play.

Which artists inspired you to start producing the most?

Charles started producing music after seeing Eliot Lipp perform! As for Zach, Mr. Carmack really set things in motion for his inspiration.

Most of your releases thus far have been singles. Should we be on the lookout for any future album or EP releases in the works?

Yes, be on the lookout for an EP next year and some fun flips on SoundCloud.

Do you two always make music together, or do you also have solo projects that you’d like us to know about? Do you each have a particular strength that you bring to the table in the duo?

The entire project is predominantly collaborative on all fronts! There are times where we will separately make a tune and bring it to the MZG round table and expound on that idea until it’s finished. However, Charles handles all of the visual 3D artwork for MZG and Zach handles the mixing and mastering side of things but nothing’s exported until we both sign off on the ideas.

What are the biggest pros and cons of working with your sibling?

Pros: very familiar territory, no guessing, great communication, and overall love for each other. Cons: We look like each other and it gets confusing sometimes. lol

What are your favorite hobbies outside of producing and playing music?

Video games and to be honest, surfing, although living in Denver has stymied our efforts to surf due to the whole no ocean thing but we miss it dearly and still consider ourselves surfers by heart. We grew up competing in contests and look forward to our next surf trip!

Do you have any specific goals for the next five years?

Create a label to help incubate and curate new artist pathways, headline tours, debut an album, and design a unique stage setup for a live performance!

Your SoundCloud likes and reposts are a goldmine for crate-digging. Are there any artists you’d like to shine a spotlight on for our readers?

Ethan Plus, Bagg, and Wntr to name a few!

Anything else you’d like to say to fans out there?

We are one, it all matters. Everything that’s happened is a part of this. Take it slow and don’t let dark memories of yourself ruin your progress. Everyone in your life has its place and if it doesn’t matter now, it will later. Help your fellow people, no one is better than one another. We move as one, share, and give people what they need. We are all teachers, we remind each other who we need to be, you never know who needs help, be swell always… always. <3>

be swell always… always


  1. MZG – ID
  2. MZG – Bownce
  3. MZG x SPADES – ID
  4. MZG – Hold Awnn
  5. MZG – GOOZE
  6. MZG – Stilettos
  8. Manic Focus x MZG – Armadillo
  9. MZG – Take It Awff
  10. Ethanplus – B.T.B.
  12. MZG – WAYO
  13. MZG – BLOWN UP
  14. MZG – BANGA
  15. MZG – ID