Ghost In Real Life Unleashes A Massive Wave Of Electrifying Tones With ‘YCTMWTD’

Ghost In Real Life‘s magnetic and static energy has blown away listeners from all over throughout the years. Her colorful touch on the bass environment has continued to leave a breath of fresh air in the spectrum of sound. Dominating stages wherever she performs to the highest degree. Her fluorescent presence is unbeatable and has paved a wonderful road in her life. From releases with Bassrush, MONTA, and even NIGHTMODE, there’s no telling where you’ll see her next due to her flexible and incredible skills. And with her newest single, ‘YCTMWTD,’ she’s yet again setting the bar high and giving her audience the ride of a life time!

This tune is a fast-paced speed demon with tons of fun ear candy. Swirling through your mind as it takes over your essence and leaves you in a complete positive frenzy. From nasty bass designs, wavy movements, hard-hitting drum work, and a vocal representing the track tastefully, this anthem will certainly bring a crazy amount of memories for many. And to top it all off, with the exclusive merch she released earlier this month honoring the release and Women’s History Month, 50% of those earnings will be going to the charitable organization, Girls Make Beats. Showcasing how this artist stands for what’s truly right and inspiring so many out there. The layers around this overall release are simply amazing. We’re stoked to see where she goes from here! For now, make sure to show your support by streaming ‘YCTMWTD’ everywhere!