Fred Again.., Skrillex & Four Tet Flip Lil Baby On Infectious Single ‘Baby again..’

Skrillex szn is really in full effect. 2023 is Skrillex year, we’re just living in it. After dropping a slew of exceptional singles, not one but two albums, turning Times Square into a rave, and selling out Madison Square Garden in a matter of minutes alongside Fred Again.. and Four Tet, he’s back with even more music. Connecting with Fred Again.. and Four Tet the trio flip Lil Baby for the fittingly titled ‘Baby Again..’

Although the track has been one of the most highly anticipated IDs outside of ‘Rumble’ it still hits as somewhat of a surprise. Built around Lil Baby’s vocals from ‘Baby’ the producers showcase their mastery looping, tweaking, and bending the vocals to their will. The vocal anchor gives it an instant infectiousness that commands replays and will be stuck in your head for days. The way the backing is built around it is perfection. Constantly progressing it pulls back and pulses forward with impeccable timing, stripping back to add groove and swagger, then adding bumping bass and layering hypnotic synths to keep you entranced.

What makes ‘Baby again..’ so exceptional is just how versatile it is. This will go off at a patio party at 2:00pm, slap at the beach or a BBQ, destroy main stage at festivals and arenas, rip after hours, give you energy for your morning run, soundtrack a late-night drive, improve your focus while working, and make you shake your ass. I’m not sure that there’s a situation where ‘Baby again..’ doesn’t slap, and if there is, I don’t want to experience it.

Listen to ‘Baby again..’ below and don’t blame me if you can’t listen to anything else for the foreseeable future.