Flume Drops Collection Of Oldies In ‘Things Don’t Always Go The Way You Plan’

On November 8th, 2022, Flume released ‘Slugger 1.4,’ a track made in 2014 that never got to see the light of day after it was made. On November 9th, 2022, he tweeted “there’s more.’ With an “I promise” quote retweet coming on January 26th of this year, many were left anticipating the big return of the generational artist.

The wait is now over, as the Australian veteran has unleashed a ten-track collection of tunes aptly titled Things Don’t Always Go The Way You Plan. In the words of Flume, “It’s been ten years since my first record came out, since then I’ve written a lot a lot music and not all of it has seen the light of day. After seeing the reaction to ‘Slugger 1.4’ and how much love it got, I figured it would be fun to release more of these forgotten ideas I from my old laptops.” What an amazing time to be a Flume fan!

Spanning ten years of time, the tracks in the ensemble showcase the undeniable evolution and versatility of the artist. From 2012’s ‘Why 1.3’ reminiscent of his older works, to 2020’s ‘Nice 2 Know U 1.5.3’ and ‘SPOKE 2 ALIENS FINALLY 1.3’ that mirror his Hi This Is Flume era, each track tells its own unique story. With more simple ideas such as ‘beat 58 1.1,’ and more hashed out productions such as ‘Counting Sheep (V2) featuring Injury Reserve, fans are sure to find a favourite in Things Don’t Always Go The Way You Plan, even if not every track tickles one’s fancy.

The best part is that Flume dubbed this “the first batch of tracks.” Until more news comes, dive into Things Don’t Always Go The Way You Plan below.