Duse Beatz Delivers An A1 Traffic Rap Album Titled ‘Westside Connected Vol. 1’

Westside Connected Vol. 1. is the latest LP from the groundbreaking DJ and producer Duse Beatz. According to the cutting-edge artist, the 9-track record is “the perfect sub-genre Traffic Rap album,” featuring songs like “Affiliates,” “Handkerchief,” “Light Show,” “No Cap,” “Get It Poppin,” “Clear Water,” “High Enough,” and “A Message From Bubba Dub.” 

Duse Beatz, who started rapping during his sophomore year has been producing for almost 20 years now. He remembers how he bought his first keyboard and drum machine and began creating his own music, “I couldn’t afford beats at that time because if you know music and the eras the beat game wasn’t so saturated so producers were getting a lot of money for their beats.” 

In 2014, Drakeo The Ruler gave Duse Beatz his big break. The Reno-native rapper recalls the first time they came together, “Drakeo and I started off basically together, he was still coming up in 2014-2015 when I reached out to him and we started working and never looked back.” Ever since, he’s collaborated with many renowned artists like DJ Mustard, YeloHill, Tru Carr, Fenix Flexin, Ralfy The Plug, Bravo The Bagchaser, and others.

Inspired by influential rappers like 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, and Dr. Dre, Duse Beatz grew up listening to West Coast artists as well as Bay area artists like E-40, Yukmouth, Richie Rich, and Seagram. The multi-talented producer’s diversified knowledge and experience has helped him with this most recent album Westside Connected Vol. 1, which combines 90s Bay area beats with the 2000s Hip Hop music, collecting the finest of both west and east coast sides under one record.

Listen to Westside Connected Vol. 1 here: