Drex Carter Shares Heartfelt New Track ‘Idk’

If you haven’t been keeping up with one of our favorite new hip-hop collectives, seeyousoon, now’s the perfect time to start. As strong apart as they are together, member Drex Carter has just released a new song, ‘Idk’ that’s sure to hit you in the gut.

‘Idk’ starts off with gloomy chords that prophecize how the rest of the track will go. Drex uses the song to write an earnest letter to his recipient about how uncertain his life is right now. While the rapper wants to spend time with the person, he also has to focus on his career. He rhymes, “If not then, then what the fuck/ Try to be a good person, try to not get stuck/ Try to make a lil’ something for your family/ Try to have the words that you plan to speak.” 

Even if you can’t relate to Drex’s musician lifestyle, anyone who is married to their job to survive is sure to relate to this song. ‘Idk’ comes at a perfect time where everyone is trying to get back on track from the insane times we’re living in, and right now, nothing is predictable. Kkami and Thomas LaRosa also kill it on the production, perfectly depicting Drex’s bars through soulful rhythms and passionate instrumentals.

As always, a Drex Carter project would be nothing without a visual element. The Orlando artist gives a bit of insight into the music video and the song itself, saying,

This video was filmed over the course of 4 years in order to have multiple timelines and “simulated” realities captured on screen. It takes place in multiple worlds to give life to the song’s main idea: accepting the unknown of your future. The song I dropped the week before (‘Way Too Much’) was about constantly overthinking everything. Life can be overwhelming and I get trapped in that headspace a lot so ‘idk’ was kind of like a response to that feeling. Sometimes you gotta just let go and accept that whatever’s gonna happen is gonna happen regardless, so you might as well just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Drex Carter

Stream Drex Carter’s ‘Idk’ below and be sure to check out the music video below, too!