thook Overlooks A Beautiful But Corrupt City With ‘SEE THRU’

Basking in the art of the theatrical, thook returns with a brand new journey called, ‘SEE THRU.’ A song to help showcase the beauty and darkness buried deep within the streets of a city filled with lights. It casts a spell upon anyone who listens and paints a euphoric and lifelike picture of a breathtaking view of discovery. The artist truly channeled an uncharted aura and force to create another memorable ride into his creativity. The simple yet powerful visions he portrays in each piece will instantly take your breath away. From haunting and blissful melodies to earth-shaking 808s, thook is a very powerful spirit who knows how to take advantage of the sound environment. Blessing everyone with his forward-thinking arrangements and overall craft.

‘SEE THRU’ is a unique and sophisticated poem for city life. The emotions filled within are intricate and well-balanced thanks to his professional storytelling. The soft and mellow instruments throughout really take you deep into the heart of a booming metropolis. Walking the streets and seeing its true colors and blossoming nature. Witnessing everyone’s different purpose for staying, while still trying to find your own path. And once those trap drums hit you, they make a greater impact than you may think. His crisp and wavy flows are mind-blowing and comforting at the same time.

Going from a theatrical introduction to some monstrous chorus sections, you’ll feel empowered from head to toe. The impressive adaption to such a different setting is inspirational and timeless. The whole ambiance swirling around you with each listen gets more and more enticing. Making you become addicted to his signature wave of techniques. A healthy balance of heaviness and subtleness. This is an adventure which compliments thook as a creative, as well as a human being trying to work his way up to the top. So make sure to go support this trap guru by streaming ‘SEE THRU’ on SoundCloud.