DIIIVA Delivers A Groove Beyond Belief With ‘REACT’

Returning to the spotlight with pure energy, DIIIVA shakes the dance floors with her newest single, ‘REACT.’ A wild and unpredictable ride through a hurricane of madness. Sweeping listeners off their feet and into the stratosphere thanks to this track’s power and colorful characteristics. Giving us a new side to her style while elevating what makes her works in general so remarkable. Making this an absolute weapon for any stage around the world. You definitely won’t want to miss out on this.

DIIVA’s art has always helped express her true passion and love for this style of music. Using the spectrum to her own liking and unleashing pure chaos throughout each journey. From hard-hitting bass lines, angelic vocal work, and clear crisp drum work, her skills continue to shine no matter what she releases. And ‘REACT’ introduces her evolution as an artist with an even crazier arrangement and execution. Giving listeners a true treat no matter the time or place.

“The creative process can be unpredictable, but that’s part of what makes it so exciting. It’s not always easy to know how things will turn out, but I’ve learned to embrace that uncertainty and trust my instincts. When I’m making music, I always try to keep an open mind and let my creativity lead the way. ‘REACT’ is a reminder that inspiration can come from unexpected places, and that trying new things can lead to exciting new discoveries.” – DIIIVA

Taking on the house genre, DIIIVA excels with might and perseverance. The intoxicating groove combined with fun and everlasting sample choices really paints a crazy picture in your mind. Completely taking over your body and soul as it drives you mad in the best ways possible. She even throws a complete curveball with that trap section. The distorted bass line is pleasing to the ear and pumps your spirits higher and higher.  Adding a whole other layer of attitude to the overall track. So make sure to show your support by streaming ‘REACT’ everywhere! We’re definitely excited to hear more from her!