Dean the Dream Spikes Up The Psychedelic Rock Scene With “Goodbye, Danny”

Dean the Dream adds a lot of Punk to the psychedelic rock scene with his recent release “Goodbye, Danny.” The lead single is from the Detroit-born poet’s 7-track album Hitchin’ It To Heaven that includes favoured songs like “Dying Staying Alive” and “It Hurts Me.” 

Written and composed by Brendan Alpiner, a.k.a. Dean the Dream, “Goodbye, Danny” is accompanied by a music video directed by the promising artist Vika. The song is the ideal blend of Grunge, Blues, and ‘70s Punk. The revolutionary artist reveals his vulnerable and poetic side by singing: “I still think of you, when I’m lonely / feelin’ blue / Do you remember those days…” 

Released in 2021 Alpiner’s debut LP Pink Sun, rose to prominence thanks to hits like “Syrup & Honey,” “Four Roses,” “Roadrunner,” and “Misery’N.” Dean the Dream’s latest album Hitchin’ It To Heaven, which is a fusion of psychedelic, hypnotic blues, and old-school rock ‘n roll, follows the story of a devastated boy who got his heart broken and is looking for ways to move on and move forward by finding love again.

“Goodbye, Danny” exhibits Dean The Dream’s unmatchable talent of bringing uncommon genres together inducing a whole new unique and compelling style.

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