Dabow & HEKLER Rework Dirty Audio & Bobby Blakdout’s ‘Bands’ (feat. Gucci Mane)

Hot off the heels of ‘HEARTBREAK PARADISE’ Dabow & HEKLER are back at it with another collaboration. The two producers need no introduction to the FUXWITHIT audience given their impeccable back catalogs and frequent appearances on our site. For their latest offering, the two unleash an official remix for Dirty Audio & Bobby Blakdout’s ‘Bands.’

Built around the flex-filled Gucci Mane vocals, ‘Bands’ mixes rap, dubstep, and festival trap tendencies for an absolutely devastating banger. The intro is trapped out as Gucci skates over the minimal backing. The lyrics are repeated for an anthemic feel before the pair drop it out into a distorted industrial aesthetic that’s off-killer and destructive in all the right ways. With gritty and massive production and the swagged out raps, expect this one to be a staple this festival season.

Stream Dirty Audio & Bobby Blakdout’s ‘Bands’ (feat. Gucci Mane) [Dabow & Hekler Remix] below.