capshun And Silva Touch The Other Side With ‘Force’

With much excitement and hype, capshun and Silva have finally released their collaboration called ‘Force.’ An indescribable entity of the great beyond. It touches each listener in a different and euphoric way. Showcasing their best memories within their lifetime. While creating nothing but inspiration for the future. It transports us into a realm not yet discovered. Filled with sounds and frequencies waiting to be used for the sake of mankind. capshun and Silva are two very distinct souls floating and blessing everyone within the music scene. Both of their styles and works have grabbed the hearts of many. Showing us the way to a brighter tomorrow. Their impacts in production have drawn many to their own realms, and combining each other’s has truly brought nothing but peace and prosperity for all who listen.

‘Force’ is an honorable totem and staple within the electronic music scene. It’s a vision like no other and is another incredible step for the genre as a whole. These two really gave it their all within this process. From a jaw dropping atmosphere, to game changing sound design, there’s nothing within this piece that’s not heart-wrenching. You’ll find yourself having this song on repeat due to its textures and deep messages through its characteristics alone. From beginning to end, you won’t ever forget this experience. Combing their melodic and super dynamic sound design techniques is a true experience to hear and behold. By far one of the most unique and memorable pieces to date. This is a song we all needed today. A light of hope for what’s come. So make sure to go support these legends by streaming ‘Force’ everywhere via Elysian Records.