CHAZ Grows A Bouquet Of Vibrant Flora With ‘Insight’

Watering his garden of emotion, CHAZ returns with a brand new single called, ‘Insight.’ A refreshing and beautiful structured adventure. Perfect for anyone looking for organic new art within the underground. Nothing but tons of ear candy to satisfy your deepest cravings. If you haven’t heard of this icon before, then we highly suggest checking out his discography of pure richness. From tear wrenching atmospheres, cinematic patterns, and more, he’s an artist you definitely need to be paying attention to. For years, the Boston-based guru has been working long and hard to leave a signature mark. And with the help of Phuture Collective, they’ve teamed up to bring his vision to life. Doing the job right and going above and beyond.

‘Insight’ is a passageway to another existence. Highlighting the artist’s achievements and paying true homage to his passion for his career. From beginning to end, you can easily hear his adoration and confidence within his work. Inspiring many listeners to push that much harder as well. From hearing a glitchy and powerful introduction, to experiencing a groovy and unexpected chorus section, there’s no telling what’s going to happen next. His flexibility and adaptability has increased his skills and shines a sparkling light over this track. Representing his evolution as a person and as a musician.

There are surprises hiding around every corner. Taking you by the hand to witness true brilliance in life. Not to mention his high-quality characteristics he’s implemented. Heavy drums, nasty bass design and more, it’s a track which will last throughout the ages. Making the audience become one with his journey through frequency. We’re excited to hear more from this legend. Until then, make sure to go support by streaming ‘Insight’ everywhere via Phuture Collective!