CALYN Shows Off Intellectual And Emotional Maturity With Her Recent Single “Tricky”

With its catchy lyrics and masterfully arranged melodies, CALYN’s new release “Tricky” is a full on crowd-puller. The Alternative R&B whizz-kid puts a lot of thought into her songs. She cleverly incorporates her personal experiences into every composition, and knows how to tell the stories of people around her as well as her own. She reveals that empathy and sympathy create a special connection with the public; “When I’m writing, I take into account anything I’ve ever felt whether it’s through someone else, or a personal feeling. 

The profound artist breaks down her writing process: “Transferring some situations into art can be tough depending on the story line. For instance, a touchy subject to me could seem like a minor inconvenience to someone else. When putting those types of situations into words for songs, it’s easy for me to struggle with the fact that it might not come across how I want it to. Other times, the ideas flow right on to the paper, it honestly all depends on the vibe of the track.”

The young artist’s determination, ambition, and perseverance is truly admirable. CALYN is committed to her art and will always find a way to be part of the music industry no matter what! The “Tricky” singer has her hands full with new singles and projects, which are to be released very soon.

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