Bootleg Business – Vol. 7 – Extended D&B Special

Tiesto has released his first drum&bass song in over a decade, Brownies&Lemonade’s DNBNL project has partnered with Deadbeats and is going to Tomorrowland,  Deadmau5 has played a D&B set at EDC Mexico, Chase & Status are once again one of hottest acts around, a new North American WORSHIP tour is about to kick off and Rohaan has just wrapped up another multi-week series of show in the States.

Now. I won’t say the phrase. Nor will I dust off the infamous hashtag (you know the one). I’m just being objective. The ball is rolling (pun intended) and this gives me a chance to throw myself into the fray with something that flirts with both culture and SEO. This month I bring back Bootleg Business with a massive drum&bass pack of 30 (unofficial) remixes that showcase pretty much everything the genre has to offer. Forget obscure cuts or hyper-sophisticated intellectual material though, this collection is strictly party-friendly. We have jump-up bangers, mainstage classic reworks, liquid rollers, ten-year-old remixes, ten-day-old remixes, weird bootlegs, and cheesy edits of pop songs. This Bootleg Business volume has it all.  Rumble remix included.

Friendly reminder that this list doesn’t pretend to showcase the finest bootlegs around, nor the rarest. Music can be (just) fun, remember?  This is an opportunity to have fun celebrating the art of unofficial remixes and, why not, a chance to find some new goodies to spice up your tracklists ahead of the festival season.  As in the case of my summer special, the playlist is loosely divided into two parts. It starts with the heaviest cuts and it progresses into the more melodic tracks.

Have fun!