Bootleg Business Vol. 6 – Chediak b2b KARAN!

There is no doubt that, along with UKG, Baile Funk was the other trending topic this year within the electronic scene. Unlike the former, however, due to geographical and cultural reasons, the general attention towards the Brazilian bass music universe has been largely superficial, almost always only scratching the surface of what this decades-old and extensive scene has to offer. Even leaving aside the controversial ‘Baile Phonk’ situation, especially in the first six months of the year there was a general hype-induced rush by non-Brazilian artists to draw on rhythms and sounds typical of genres and sub-genres such as Favela Bass and Baile Funk. In most cases, the results were often limited to a pale imitation of the original sound and a bland repetition of the most common stereotypes. Don’t get me wrong, I joined in the general enthusiasm too and enjoyed the stream of Baile remixes popping up in my SoundCloud feed.

When I started thinking about this edition of Bootleg Business, I quickly realized that I didn’t have enough knowledge to be able to guarantee a result that had a cultural as well as entertainment value. That is why I decided to take a step back and rely on two real insiders: Chediak and KARAN! You might remember the latter from my review of his MOVADÃO EP while you might be familiar with the former if you follow his label SPEEDTEST RAVE or more probably thanks to his collaboration with camoufly, ‘only1‘.  Enough of my chatter, get ready for some serious Brazilian bootleg business, and be sure to not miss Chediak’s extra suggestions you can find at the end of the article!

DJ RaMeMeS – Sexo 3 Completo (Syú Flip)
 We released this song as part of the first “ILLEGAL MUSIC” compilation on SPEEDTEST RAVE. It’s a remix of DJ RaMeMes’s “Sexo 3 Completo” that brings it to the D&B world. At the same time, I think the sound design of this one is reeeally techno-y, and the second drop makes sure that we have a great time with it. Every single time this one gets played at any underground rave over here things get a little crazy.
– C

Skrillex, Fred again.. & Flowdan – Rumble (yandrel bootleg)
This bootleg is just MADNESS! Yandrel got the original track and literally made it sound way more nasty and aggressive, really showing the best things of his Favela Bass style and showing how aggressive our Brazilian funk can be!
– K

 I honestly think I heard the original version of ROSALÍA and The Weeknd’s “LA FAMA” just once and it does not sound the same after this DJ CARLOZS flip. I don’t even know what to say about this one, it blends all of the elements I love the most about Baile Funk…the sound design, crazy percussion, and unpredictable slices in samples, this one is really great. I have no idea about what happens in the end of the track also, I think DJ CARLOZS needs to be studied by NASA or something. Also, the cover pic is him with Boys Noize on a baile funk party, such a boss move.
– C

piquezin putão treinado x sam gellaitry (DJ BONNi)
This one is really simple but really catchy, made by BONNi (bonniebrokehearts) who is a really talented artist and really underrated in my opinion! Posted on “NAÇÃOREBOLATION69”, a Brazilian experimental music collective full of insane artists.
– K

 This one is a bootleg with many layers, this is a baile beat with the main sample from “13 Angels Standing Guard ‘Round the Side of Your Bed” by Silver Mt. Zion. This, by itself, is already crazy but he also samples ‘Fim de Semana no Rio’ by Teto and replies the sample vocals with his own original vocals that make fun of the original lyrics from the song. The original song says “God will guide me / Deus vai guiar” while MARSELLO is singing the same melody but with “come suck me / vem me mamar” and other classic baile language like “lança”, “sarrada” and stuff. Like I said, it has many layers.
– C

Sade – Smooth Operator (Adame Edit)
Adame picked a classic and added a bit of his flavour to it! Excellent edit, so beautifully done and aggressive at the same time, simply amazing! Adame is insanely talented and also an underrated artist, so make sure you guys go follow him!
– K

ANTCONSTANTINO – Orgasmo de Pula Pula
 There’s this new sub-genre called “Pula Pula” that artists like ANTCONSTANTINO, Colas, Taleko, Destravalt, and others are spreading over here. It’s like a blend of afrobeat, techno, and baile funk and I think it’s crazy! More people should be trying this style out, I think it’s got great potential. This song is a bootleg of ‘Soundgasm’ by Rema and was recently played by Jarreau Vandal. I was pretty happy when I saw people’s reactions to it on the dancefloor.
– C

Danna x PZZS – Evoque Horse (Mashup – Remix)
An awesome combination of an insane classic song made by Katy Perry and a really good Brazillian funk song by DJ Escobar, MC’s Menor HR and Menor SG! ‘Evoque Horse’ is a mashup between ‘Dark Horse’ and ‘Evoque Prata’ remixed by the talented duo Danna and PZZS! Both are insanely talented and a “must-have” on your playlists or sets, so check them out.
– K

Racionais MCs are hip-hop legends in Brasil, every single person over here knows at least one song by them and it’s one of those music groups that’s considered untouchable. To remix a Racionais song you need to nail it, so when I made this remix of ‘Vida Loka Pt. 1’ I didn’t even think of releasing it, I thought it was going to be just another bootleg for the DJ sets. People DID NOT give me any peace while I didn’t release this song, and while it still hasn’t reached the ears of Racionais MCs, it’s making waves over here and abroad. Baile Funk was and still is extremely influenced by Racionais and I think their legacy will live forever in many ways inside and outside of music. There’s a great documentary about them on Netflix that I think everyone should watch! ‘VIDA LOKA DUB’ also features a sample from ‘MAROLENTO’ by Puterrier, a Baile Funk/Grime MC that also uses samples from Racionais MCs. The idea of making it Garage/140 was because of the sample, it’s so eery and mysterious…I felt it needed a huge bass and some wubs on it hahaha.
– C

Dennis e Kevin O Chris – TÁ OK ( KOZMO REMIX)
This one is REALLY GREAT! Made by KOZMO, a 14-year old upcoming artist on our scene with a great and unique style of Favela Bass. This kid is definitely the future, and he is just starting, can’t wait to hear his next mad tunes. Crazy stuff!
– K

There’s a culture of “dump”/alternative accounts of producers worldwide and here it’s not different, I HIGHLY support everyone to go right now and search for tunes by DJ ToniasDJ LukinhasDJ Dimas and groups like ‘Umild’s do Soundcloud that release bootlegs almost daily, one crazier than the other. For people trying to get more into this underground side of the Brazilian scene, I also recommend following artists like DJ RUANZITODJ LD DA FAVELINHAAdamerensgoDJ P7VHOORDeekapz and just getting lost on their feeds, reposts and likes. I don’t know if I can give shout-outs but I’d love to give one to Paul Mond for being one of the few non-Brazilians right now that are really nailing the sound, bounce, and feeling of baile. Love this guy’s flips.
– Chediak