Bootleg Business – Vol. 5 (Summer Pack Special)

Despite the fact Mariah Carey memes have started to make their reappearance online, the good season is far from being over.  We still have a full month of summer ahead of us! Days and nights packed with parties, pre-parties, after-parties, BBQs, raves, festivals, car trips, bonfires, and everything in the middle. Your USBs and playlists still need to be in perfect shape, filled with heaters for this final rush.

If you’re running short of aces up your sleeve, well, this Bootleg Business Summer Special got you covered. No guest this time, just me and an extended selection of twenty of the best (unofficial) remixes and edits I had on heavy rotation over the past months. Expect some brand-new releases, some classics and some weird stuff by the likes of Baauer, Darby, Hans Gadler, ethanplus, paul mond, Farrah, Chopsoe, and many more. The playlist is split into two parts. The first is focused on bouncy, groovy genres while the second is heavier and more bass-focused.

Have fun!

Looking for even more bootlegs? Be sure to check the first four volumes of Bootleg Business where, alongside Colin, camoufly, Ramon Pang and Nawtystep, we have already put together an archive of forty remixes for all tastes.