Ankou Returns To Halftime With Menacing ‘Witchcraft’

As steady listeners and supporters of Ankou, we can confidently say that he rarely misses. Over the last few years, the Polish artist has championed a unique take on halftime that often leaves one with shivers running down their spine. However, the artist has also explored outside the confines of that genre – and he consistently executes at a top tier level. No matter the tempo, a common theme in Ankou’s tracks is the sinister undertone that could easily be the soundtrack to a horror movie.

Today, the artist returns with another menacing track that lands right into his wheelhouse. The self-released ‘Witchcraft’ sees Ankou go back to his roots, as he opens the cut with a haunting sample that touches on the history of witch hunts. As the sample fades, soul-crushing bass takes center-stage, with Ankou showering listeners with a relentless dose of energy. A brief interlude subsequently leads the track to its apex, as a supernova of sound hits even harder in the second drop.

‘Witchcraft’ is quintessential Ankou. Don’t miss it below.