Alison Wonderland And MEMBA Combine Unseen Forces On ‘Fight or Flight’

The vast abilities of these artists are truly unmatched. Alison Wonderland with her stellar production and vocals combined with MEMBA‘s wild imagination and flexible techniques have proven to be equally compatible in vision. Both worlds impact the industry by storm with their broad and impressive discography of gems. And now, with their passions colliding with unlimited possibilities, they’ve finally released their first collaboration,’ Fight or Flight.’ What makes this even more special is that this is Alison’s first release on her own record label, FMU Records. So you already know this one is going to make some noise through both fan bases and listeners all over.

This track is absolutely gorgeous in every sense. The eerie and magical melody combined with Alison’s blissful range sets the stage in a unique and intoxicating environment. Making you feel the excitement build and build through each second. And while those sporadic shakers going off in the back along with cinematic drums, you get a sense that something monumental is about to show its true colors. Easily sensing MEMBA’s spiritual and earth-shattering presence throughout. Making listeners even more curious and intrigued.

Once the chorus presents itself, everything changes while still harnessing that same insidious energy from the beginning. Now when it comes to MEMBA’s sound design, they hold absolutely nothing back. No matter the piece, they’ll bring down the house in any way they can. It’s the spirit of their mind-bending sounds that make the chorus section very special. The bass line throughout is so refreshing, light in tone yet heavy in execution. Taking center stage with the help of an electrifying vocal lead to bring it all together beautifully. Repeating the same phrase over and over again. Pitched up with a delayed feel to add another layer of rhythmic structure. Hearing both of their styles intertwine is simply breathtaking from beginning to end. Easily making this one a classic for themselves and the label. A festival smasher to say the least. So make sure to show your support by streaming ‘Fight or Flight’ everywhere via FMU Records!