Stream “All Alone” By Chandler Today

Contemporary urban artist Chandler just dropped a new single called “All Alone”, a profound and vulnerable confession with oneself that echoes in the listeners’ hearts. Chandler typically sings about concepts that are universal, but his music shows a very personal perspective which adds relevance and authenticity to the artist’s work. His previous singles “Miss Me And You Hate It” and “Nightlight” have gained quite the momentum, exposing Chandler’s music to larger audiences. 

“All Alone” is about being honest with oneself and naming the thoughts and feelings you might have been keeping shelved. “It’s like no one wants to openly express what they think about someone they used to love when they’re all alone, but this kind of highlights that moment,” Chandler said about the track. Having started making music back in 2016 with only an iPhone at hand, Chandler has continuously worked hard and elevated his style, at the same time he managed to maintain the unique feel of his music that is hard to define. Keep an eye out for this awesome rising artist!