Snakehips Dazzle With Long-Awaited Debut Album, “never worry”

For years SNakehips have carved out a wonderful little niche for themselves in the dance music community. Their music has always balanced the line of R&B, dance, and hip-hop music wonderfully.

They meld their creative dancey production with some incredible features throughout the years. Their productions have led to artists like Chance The Rapper, Anderson .Paak, Rivers Cuomo, and more.

They’ve made bangers, they’ve made ballads, they’ve made everything in between. The next logical step was a full-length album showing off their range. Enter never worry.

This 12-track album is a love letter to the Snakehips name, as it seamlessly blends genres throughout the 12 tracks. It made us dance, it made us bounce, it made us feel, it made us love.

never worry brings all the reasons we’ve grown to love this UK duo into one cohesive body of work while proving why we keep coming back to their sound.

Snakehips – never worry | Stream


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[Photo Credit: Frank Fieber]

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Snakehips Dazzle With Long-Awaited Debut Album, “never worry”