Riot For Romance Rocks It With “Karma Police” & “The World And Its Weight”

Acclaimed rock band Riot For Romance recently shared a stunning cover of “Karma Police”, along with several of their own original pieces like “The World And Its Weight” and “Less For Regret”, which are both included in the band’s self-titled EP. The American group is set to conquer the world with its authentic, captivating sound, and Riot For Romance is the way to go about it! The band consists of Jason Hansen (vocals, guitars, keys); Brett Miotti (bass); and Kelly Nunn (drums/guitars). The group integrates Post-Punk, Alternative Rock, and Shoegaze into what the members would like to call a “glorious racket of Rock n Roll.” 

With thousands upon thousands of streams and fans raving about how awesome the EP turned out, Riot For Romance is certainly on top of its game. Delivering emotions that satisfy both; the longing for nostalgia and the hopeful promise of a radiant future, Riot for Romance’s frontman reveals: “I remember hearing “Karma Police” for the first time in 1997. It was such a departure from Radiohead’s earlier alternative music which seemed to blend more with the genre of the day. But this song and the album it appeared on? It was ahead of its time. It drew me back to when I was departing alternative and grunge for more post-hardcore, shoegaze, and emo sounds.”