LISTEN: Stone Van Brooken Releases “Climax” on Lelantus Records

© Geoffrey Hubbel

Stone Van Brooken is a Belgian/French producer whose unique sound is easily identified within the electronic music scene by its ability to unite a crowd and induce great fascination for the musical vibrance of his compositions. Kicking off the new year doing what he does best, Van Brooken is pleased to present his newest single “Climax,” out now via Lelantus Records. Speaking on his newest single, Van Brooken had this to say: 

“I wanted to create a song that transcribes the most intense, powerful and energetic moment during my dj set, using the tension in the builds up that reaches its zenith before resolving, concluding at the drop, like a movie.” 

From the moment you press play, “Climax” does not mess around, with an ominous, tone-setting kick setting the mood and energy. Power, energy, and refined technique combine for a track that is well suited to fill the role it’s designed for, destined to wow listeners and get the moving on the dancefloor. There’s a cinematic ebb and flow to any Stone Van Brooken production, with each track taking listener’s on a sonic journey from start to finish. An artist clearly on the rise, expect to see and hear more of Van Brooken in 2024 near you.

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LISTEN: Stone Van Brooken Releases “Climax” on Lelantus Records