LISTEN: Slow Magic Presents New Album ‘Forgotten Feels’

Slow Magic needs no introduction to most electronic music fans. But those who aren’t familiar with the masked producer are in luck with the release of his fifth studio album, Forgotten Feels, out now.

Since the early days of the his project, Slow Magic has consistently been a shining example of artistic originality, proving that music isn’t about following trends and more about making what’s true to your heart. He says about his album “Forgotten Feels is a reflection of the past and a glimpse into the infinite future, exploring themes of loss, conflicting emotions, escapism, nostalgia, and freedom. With total creative independence and collaborations with amazing artists and friends, I followed my heart and instinct to create something fresh and exciting to me.”

Slow Magic has been a vocal advocate for mental health, using his platform and music to support and inspire others to not be fearful of being themselves, sharing their emotions, and embracing the process of healing after hurt. Forgotten Feels fits that mold, hugging listeners in a warm swell of twinkling chimes and swirling melodies, encouraging them to embrace the ebb and flow of life, to celebrate the simple things, and reminding them that a better tomorrow is always around the corner.

The 11-track album spans multiple genres, making use of his full range of musical skills by weaving profound, emotional sentiment into his creative output. Joyful undertones and retrospective themes are abundant throughout, with the anonymous musician showcasing the thoughtfulness and empathy that he embraces when making his music. 

If you’re keen on hearing Forgotten Feels live, you’re in luck. Check out his tour dates here.

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LISTEN: Slow Magic Presents New Album ‘Forgotten Feels’