LISTEN: RL Grime Returns With Highly Anticipated 3-Disc Concept Album “PLAY”

It has been over 5 years since RL Grime released his critically acclaimed sophomore album “NOVA“. Now the day has finally come as the 32-year-old producer finally unveils his newest project entitled, “PLAY“. 3 sections, 8 tracks each, spanning multiple genres including techno, hip-hop, and trap. Each section of the album seemingly represents a different theme in the “PLAY” universe, as well as a unique genre within the world of electronic music.

The album’s first section, “APEX“, appears to represent the producer’s trap/hybrid-trap/westcoast bass influences. With features from artist’s such as Jawns, ISOxo, and Juelz, “APEX” has a surprise for everyone. From never-before-heard bangers, to mystical Halloween ID’s dating as far back as 2021, “APEX” starts the “PLAY” journey as an essential homage to electronic trap music and does not disappoint.

The feature-heavy, genre-bending second section of the album, “GRID“, explores a multitude of stunning vocal-driven tracks. More melody focused, “GRID” explores a pop-influenced story-telling approach that is both beautiful, and massively energetic. Featured artist’s on “GRID” include Baauer, Reo Cragun, Sublab, 1nonly and more.

The final section of the album serves as the listener’s departure from the world of “PLAY”. With the album being conceptualized as a dystopian video game universe, “RUSH” feels to be the ethereal, touching conclusion to the journey. Beautiful textures and soft melodies, followed by waves of energetic techno-influenced breakbeats bring home the 24-track LP with incredible style and heart.

“PLAY” is out now on Spotify, and you can stream via the link below. Also be sure to check back here for any updates on RL Grime’s upcoming releases, including coverage for his upcoming Halloween XII Mix!

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LISTEN: RL Grime Returns With Highly Anticipated 3-Disc Concept Album “PLAY”