LISTEN: Alison Wonderland Drops Genre-Bending New “Genesis” Album under Whyte Fang Moniker

Alison Wonderland has just released her debut LP entitled “Genesis” under her alternate name ‘Whyte Fang’. The project has been under development for the past 12 years as the artist has been experimenting with new sounds that will certainly change the landscape of the electronic music scene. Experimenting with industrial hardstyle, ambient-hypnotic, as well as certified trap banger vibes, “Genesis” is hard to place under one genre within the world of electronic music.

Starting in 2011 as an Indie side-project, Alexandra Sholler (Alison Wonderland) decided to debut her new music under the moniker of Whyte Fang because she felt it was important for these tracks to live in their own space. In a press release sent out by Sholler’s team, Sholler says, “I have decided to release this music separately to Alison Wonderland because I want these beats to live in their own primal world.” And that they do. Dark, ominous, and abstract, the artist’s new project breathes life into an ever-evolving genre of sub-genres, electronic dance music.

The LP includes the 5 heater singles that Sholler and her team have been unloading in the past year alongside 6 brand new songs including a multi-genre, expert-level field of features. GENESIS features collaborations with Elohim, Barney Bones, and Chidi Himself, as well as previously released collaborations, “Genesis,” with  Jay Watson (Tame Impala, Pond, GUM), Jacob Ray (88 Rising, Rich Brian, NIKI, Joji, Alison Wonderland) and “SCREAM” with Erick the Architect (Flatbush Zombies).

Sholler releases this project ahead of her back-to-back weekend shows debuting the new project in its entirety at Coachella Valley & Arts Festival on April 14th and 21st. For anyone who grabbed tickets to the festival, I’m sure this is one show you will want to make sure you can make it to.

Stream the new Whyte Fang LP “Genesis” now on Spotify!

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LISTEN: Alison Wonderland Drops Genre-Bending New “Genesis” Album under Whyte Fang Moniker