GRiZ Announces Upcoming Indefinite Hiatus Starting In October

I don’t think anyone can doubt just how hard GRiZ has been working lately. Not just since the world opened back up but even before that to get to that level. The man has been constantly releasing music, putting on huge curated events with out-of-this-world lineups, while still making time for the yearly festival circuit.

GRiZ took to social media yesterday to announce that after October he will be playing his, “Last show for the foreseeable future and will be taking a good amount of time off from touring and the GRiZ project.” He’s setting no timetable on his return, but in his statement, he has said that, “In regards to GRiZMAS, Space Camp & NYE.. those won’t be happening this or next year.”

He’s set to announce one last curated event before he takes his time off.

The response to GRiZ’s announcement on social media has been an outpouring of love, understanding, and overall gratefulness for all the work he has put in over the past few years, which is to be expected.

Thank You GRiZ. See you when we see you.


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GRiZ Announces Upcoming Indefinite Hiatus Starting In October